LVPC’s Oscavich is Named to 2022 Lehigh Valley Forty Under 40 List

July 2022, Matt Assad, Managing Editor

9th Annual Lehigh Valley Outlook to Feature Data, Awards – And You

November 2022, Matt Assad, Managing Editor

The 2020s have already been a decade for the history books – between a global pandemic, social and economic shifts, and emerging technologies, the world is changing rapidly. Through it all the Lehigh Valley has proven to be strong, adaptive and resilient.

Please join us from 8 am-10 am, Tuesday, November 15, for the 9th Annual Lehigh Valley Outlook + Awards, when we’ll celebrate that resiliency, crown the first Community of Distinction since 2019, announce the 2022 FutureLV Heroes Award winners and release new important data on population projections, greenhouse gas emissions, transportation trends, housing and development.

LVPC’s Oscavich is Named to 2022 Lehigh Valley Forty Under 40 List

July 2022, Matt Assad, Managing Editor


November 2022, Matt Assad, Managing Editor

Our compulsion with online shopping has spawned an evolving landscape dotted with giant warehouses strategically placed to get products to your doorstep within two days.

The trade-off for all that convenience is the worry by many that these giant boxes along the highway, and the trucks they bring with them, are detracting from the character of a region known for its farmland, open space and natural resources.

But would some of the impact be mitigated if warehouses were greener, more sustainable structures? Can developers be enticed to include solar panels? Or more green infrastructure? Or designs that better fit the landscape?

LVPC’s Oscavich is Named to 2022 Lehigh Valley Forty Under 40 List

July 2022, Matt Assad, Managing Editor


October 2022, Becky Bradley, Executive Director

I’ve spent several weekends over the last month training with professional planners from around the state as we build our muscle to support the counties, local governments and public that are increasingly being tested by growth and development.

No one in an elected or appointed position in the Lehigh Valley hasn’t felt the pressure as developments zoning appeals and lawsuits rain down upon them. Most officials do what they can to address the onslaught of activity within the confines of the law. Most citizens, equally as exasperated as officials, are well-meaning and want to be part of the growth management solution as well.

Communities often feel unprepared even though the tools for success are right in front of us, through the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code. That state enabling legislation is complicated, onerous, and frankly as dusty as your grandfather’s attic. But, even if the tools in your community are still in their original packaging, in need of sharpening, or the handle is cracked, they are still tools. Use them.

Greg Capogna, along with co-hosts Becky Bradley and Matt Assad from the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission welcome Geoff Brace, chairman of the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners to discuss a very timely topic: growth management.

As the Lehigh Valley remains one of the fastest-growing regions in the state, the group discusses development pressures, the Municipalities Planning Code, House Bill 2768, farmland and open space preservation, and more.

Tune in to new episodes of Plan Lehigh Valley the first Monday of every month from 6:30 to 7:00 PM following The Inside Dish.

LVPC’s Oscavich is Named to 2022 Lehigh Valley Forty Under 40 List

July 2022, Matt Assad, Managing Editor

pLAN LEHIGH VALLEY: Managing Growth, HB 2768, and Farmland Preservation with Commissioner Geoff Brace

October 2022, Becky Bradley, Matt Assad, Greg Capogna, and Geoff Brace | WDIY 88.1

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