LANTA Expanding Express Bus Service - June 2022, Matt Assad, Managing Editor

More convenient bus service that gets people to the Lehigh Valley’s busiest destinations faster will attract more riders and ultimately help the region manage development, while preserving its unique character.

That’s the purpose of the Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority’s new Enhanced Bus Service (EBS), which uses limited stops and more frequent runs on two key Lehigh Valley routes to get people through the region faster.

EBS, often called Bus Rapid Transit in other regions, first began in the Lehigh Valley in September, with a route carrying people from Easton, through Bethlehem and Allentown and on to the commercial districts of Trexlertown. Running from 5 am to midnight, with limited stops and more frequent runs, what is called Route 101 – Blue Route gets people to key activity spots like downtowns in Easton, Bethlehem and Allentown, the Park and Ride facility in Bethlehem Township, Coca-Cola Park, Muhlenberg College, Dorney Park and Hamilton Crossings.

Beginning June 20, a second enhanced bus route, called Route 100 – Green Route, will be added carrying people from Whitehall, through Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton, covering such stops as Wind Creek Casino and the Park and Ride facility in Hellertown.  The idea is to increase service and speed to the places most used by people for work, shopping and recreation.

LVPC'S "ANSWER MAN" GEOFF REESE RETIRES AFTER 42 YEARS - June 2022, Matt Assad, Managing Editor

Over the past four decades in the offices of the LVPC, Director of Environmental Planning Geoff Reese has built a reputation for low-octane coffee, wearing a tie to even the most informal work get-together and offering “opportunities” his colleagues knew meant they were about to get a lot of work.

Outside these offices he is simply known as the Lehigh Valley’s foremost expert on stormwater management, one of the region’s most-respected engineers and the co-author of ground-breaking environmental reports and analyses that’s helped shape life across Lehigh and Northampton counties.

More than 42 years after Geoff arrived at the LVPC for a job his bosses thought he’d keep for a year, he retired, effective May 13, leaving behind a legacy of dedication that impacts all 62 Lehigh Valley municipalities.

“It’s been a great ride,” Geoff said during his final Commission Board meeting. “This place has become a second home. I know some of my colleagues may think I never go home. I’m really proud of the work we do here and grateful for the support I’ve always been given by this board, the counties, former executive director Mike Kaiser and now Becky [Bradley].”


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