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The Lehigh Valley is growing fast, affecting everything from the traffic on our roads to the condition of our economy to the quality of our air, and the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission is dedicated to managing that growth efficiently, while helping the region’s 62 municipalities plan for the future. With this mission comes the responsibility to keep our Lehigh Valley communities informed of what’s happening, the changes we see ahead and how we plan to prepare for them.

The General Assembly was initiated as a way to do that by gathering at least one elected official and up to one staff members from each municipality to discuss the important transportation, development and planning policies issues that impact every community.  The Lehigh Valley General Assembly is held at least once a year and more as needed.


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2020 General Assembly was held virtually on June 30. Representative from 25 municipalities attended to discuss the many effects of COVID-19 on everything from the economy to traffic to development, as well as the LVPC’s Equity Analysis, housing and what can be expected later. What follows includes a link to a recording of the meeting, and information provided as a follow-up to requests made by municipalities during the meeting to determine what impact the pandemic has had on traffic, post a recording of a webinar on transportation funding and provide a model fireworks ordinance:

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