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REGIONAL HOUSING PLAN 2014 - Click here for PDF

This Regional Housing Plan provides an updated analysis of the Lehigh Valley housing market in light of the changed

economy since the start of the Great Recession in 2008, which exerted a particularly profound impact on households with low

or moderate incomes. The report broadens the effort from 2007 in that it:


1) looks at housing affordability across all incomes relative to the cost burdening threshold, and

2) examines the proximity of jobs and housing affordable for those jobs.


In addition, this report translates public input, analysis of population and economic growth, a current housing profile, and analysis of critical influences on housing markets, all integrated into a set of goals, policies and implementation strategies to make progress on housing issues in the Lehigh Valley. It builds on the housing goals currently incorporated in the Comprehensive Plan and informs the next update of the Comprehensive Plan.


Ultimately, the goal of the Regional Housing Plan is to identify ways that the LVPC can work with the region’s governments, nonprofit and for-profit partners to improve housing opportunities in the Lehigh Valley.



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In December 2015, the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (LVPC) released the 2010-2014 Housing Market Report. The report is the continuation of two previous reports, titled Home Buying During Economic Uncertainty: Housing Sales in the Lehigh Valley, PA 2008-2012 and Housing in the Lehigh Valley published by the LVPC in 2014 and 2009, respectively. In addition, the 2014 Regional Housing Plan, a comprehensive look at housing opportunities in the Lehigh Valley, had a portion revisited through the lens of housing sales in the report. The Housing Market Report provides valuable information for municipal staff, elected officials, housing professionals and the general public on housing sales.



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Owning a home is considered a part of the American Dream. What happens to this dream when the national economy is reeling from uncertainty on Wall Street and other financial markets? Housing sales data is important data in analyzing housing demand and can provide a clear picture about the health of the housing market and to a lesser degree, the regional economy from year to year. This report provides a local analysis of housing sales from 2008 – 2012 at the regional, county, municipal and school district level.


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