The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (LVPC) has offered the Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Education Institute (PMPEI) courses in community planning and land use regulations since 2014. These courses are targeted to planning commissioners, zoning hearing board members, zoning administrators, elected officials and others with an interest or involvement in planning. Nearly 300 people from the public, non-profit and private sectors have graduated from at least one of the courses since 2014. Included among them are 75 people who earned the distinction of being named a Certified Citizen Planner for attending three courses, ushering in a new era of community land use leadership.


Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, the Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Education Institute (PMPEI) has canceled all classes for 2020.


LVPC recognizes the need for planning and land use training in the Lehigh Valley and is currently creating an alternative to these courses for you. To create these alternatives, we will be sending out a survey to all Lehigh Valley local officials to understand your communities’ specific municipal education needs in the next several weeks.


We look forward to evolving the Lehigh Valley Government Academy into a training and education system that addressed our region’s specific needs, connects elected and appointed officials to neighboring communities and providing more accessible and modern applications of course materials as we collectively navigate growing development pressures locally.

Citizen Planner Certificate

Complete three courses at the Lehigh Valley Government Academy and you will be awarded the “Citizen Planner Certificate”. Certificates will be awarded during a ceremony at a Lehigh Valley Planning Commission meeting.

2019 Citizen Planners

Minal Amin
Civitas Regio, LLC

Matt Assad
Lehigh Valley Planning Commission

Charles "Chuck" Deprill
Upper Macungie Township

Mike Donchez
Lehigh Valley Planning Commission

Ian Heck
Forks Township

Tim Helmer
Upper Macungie Township

Brian Hite
Lehigh Valley Planning Commission

George Kinney
South Whitehall Township

Donna Kohut

Thomas Long
East Allen Township

Aubrie Miller*
City of Allentown

Tracy Oscavich
Lehigh Valley Planning Commission

Joseph Peterson
Macungie Borough

Vincent Quinn
South Whitehall Township

Selma Ritter
Macungie Borough

Jillian Seitz
Lehigh Valley Planning Commission

Louis Stellato
Bethlehem Township

Lynn Tammaro
Lehigh Township

Elena Tucci
Lehigh Valley Planning Commission

Karin Vangeli
Palmer Township

Michael Werst
Upper Macungie Township

David Wilson
Civitas Regio, LLC

Citizen Planner Alumni

Judith Acosta*

Makala Ashmar*

Gary Behler

Leroy Bickert

Becky Bradley

Michael Bryant*

Justin Burker*

David Calhoun

Brian Carl

Deb Chesney

Joy Cohen

Norman Daniel

Malissa Davis

Dawn Didra*

Diane Donaher

Thomas Eighmy

Mark Ernst

Jeffrey Fox*


John Gallagher

Prabodh "Sunny" Ghai

Ashley Godshall

Zach Graves*

Wanda Gruber*

Hannah Haubert

Don Heiney

Gabe Hurtado*

Michael Kolba Jr.

Michael Lilly

Teresa Mackey

Matt Malozi

Shawn Martell

Eric McAfee

Rob Melosky

Sandy Nicolo*

Dharam "Paul" Nohar

Robert Nolter



Ngozi Obi

Pamela Pearson*

Lance Prator*

Michael Prendeville

Geoff Reese

Sue Rockwell

Robert Scott

Lori B. Seese

Cameran Smith

J. Scott Stenroos

Brent Stringfellow

Vince Tranguch*

John von Kerczek

Duane Wagner

Kyle Walbert

Donna Wright*

Keith Zehner

* Denotes PMPEI Outstanding Education Achievement Award

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