The LVPC and LVTS has adopted the plan that coordinates transit, trail, sidewalk, bikeway and roadway systems to create a robust regional transportation network that is safe, convenient and efficiently accommodates bicycle and pedestrian transportation. The interconnection of these transportation systems for a seamless walking, bicycling, safe routes to transit system that combines the on- and off-road network supports larger regional goals of sustainability, resiliency and enhanced livability.

Active Transportation

Community Design Projects

Sidewalk Inventory

Trails Inventory

This 2013 update, in addition to incorporating updated trail information, includes two new components: identifying priority trail gaps and providing guidelines to designing safe road crossings for trails. These two new components are part of a statewide effort by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to help organizations and municipalities to implement trail initiatives. There is a lot of interest in trails in the Lehigh Valley, and hopefully this compilation of current trail efforts will provide municipalities, counties, and conservation partners a tool in advancing the development of the Lehigh Valley trail network.


Lehigh Valley Trails Inventory PDF


Street Connectivity Guidance Document

Connectivity is an analysis of the number and variety of connections serving origins such as residential

neighborhoods and destinations like schools and shopping areas. Connectivity relates to the number of intersections

along a segment of streets and how the entire area is connected to the system. Good street

connectivity means providing a variety of ways to get from Point A to B, from using the car to walking. The

recommendations in this report are geared toward improving the efficiency of mobility (i.e. ease of movement)

and accessibility (i.e. the ability to go from an origin to a desired destination). The benefits of better

connectivity go beyond improved mobility and accessibility and can include less traffic congestion, safer

streets, municipal cost savings in the provision of services, and reduced need to improve arterial streets.


Street Connectivity Document PDF


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