Livable Landscapes—Lehigh County Park, Recreation, Open Space and Agricultural Lands Plan

Teresa Mackey, Senior Environmental Planner


The LVPC is collaborating with Lehigh County to develop a Livable Landscapes plan, guiding future park, recreation, open space and agricultural land efforts within the County. The focus of the plan will be on environmentally-sensitive areas, farmland, trails, outdoor recreation, historic and cultural areas, economic benefits and the overall quality of life within Lehigh County.


A robust public engagement program includes a two-tiered steering committee (professional partners and municipal officials) and public meetings. The first public meeting for the project is a Planning + Pizza event at 12:00 noon, August 24, 2016. A review of the project scope and existing resources mapping will be presented. The plan’s vision for Lehigh County’s open space network will be discussed, which will define the desired future to be accomplished through the plan’s goals, policies and recommended actions. Your input will be critical to developing a Livable Landscapes plan that is implementable and reflective of the diverse and sophisticated community and economic needs of Lehigh County.


The plan will be completed by summer 2017. The project is being funded by the County and a grant from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. For more information on this project, contact Geoff Reese at (610) 264-4544.






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