2021 Lehigh Valley Gala + Awards

The 2021 Gala + Awards celebration was like nothing we’ve done before, but if you missed it, there’s still a chance to view it here. The COVID-19 Pandemic may have kept us from gathering 300 people in a room for dinner and craft beer, but it didn’t stop us from celebrating excellence in planning and collaboration. The 8th Annual Lehigh Valley Gala + Awards served as an end of year celebration of the LVPC’s six decades in existence, a look at the impact of the current Covid-19 Pandemic on our communities, and a look ahead of what we can expect going forward.

Details of the program include:

  • Panel: 30-minute discussion by WDIY Executive Director Greg Capogna, Lehigh University Futurist Dr. Andrew Ward, local government expert David Sanko, executive director of the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors and transportation funding expert Erich Zimmermann, who is Transportation Programs Director for the National Association of Regional Councils.
  • Others Appearing: Lehigh County Executive Phillips Armstrong, Northampton County Commissioner Peg Ferraro, LVTS Chairman Chris Kufro, LVPC Chairman Greg Zebrowski and LVPC Executive Director Becky Bradley.
  •  Award Presentation: FutureLV Heroes Award, given this year to a group of students working to change our futures for the better.
  •  Tribute to Mike: A touching tribute by Bradley and 30-year LVPC Commissioner Percy Dougherty about the impact of Mike Kaiser, who served as executive director from 1968 to 2013. He passed in August.

Enjoy the show:

Watch the 2021 Lehigh Valley Gala + Awards

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