The Lehigh Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), in cooperation with PennDOT, has developed a freight plan for the MPO region that includes Lehigh and Northampton counties. The MPO entered into an agreement with a planning consultant to develop the plan, in conjunction with current work on Pennsylvania’s first-ever Comprehensive Freight Movement Plan (CFMP). This regional freight plan includes the following



1. Regional freight profile, including:

                a. Regional employment data

                b. Regional attractions

                c. Summary of regional freight flows and forecasts (tonnage, value and commodities)

                d. Regional freight transportation assets

                e. Regional freight transportation system performance and conditions


2. Freight transportation trends, needs and issues identified as part of the regional freight profile and discussions with stakeholders


3. Current freight policy, the federal, state and regional levels that guide planning and programming activities for freight infrastructure


4. Regional freight transportation goals and policies, including a discussion of performance measures and options for incorporating freight issues

    into the MPO’s existing project prioritization process


5. Recommendations


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