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This and other pages contain maps the staff of the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission have developed. Click on the images below which will generate a pdf file that will be able to be printed out. Because of the size of the image file it may take several seconds for the pdf to appear, especially on slower systems.


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Lehigh County Map Gallery

Lehigh County Parcels


Northampton County Map Gallery

Northampton County Parcels


Base Map

Lehigh + Northampton Counties

Surface Terrain

Stream Quality

Floodplains, Wetlands and Hydric Soils

Steep Slope + Carbonate Geology

Natural Resources Plan

Existing Land Use

Generalized Zoning

General Land Use Plan

Classification of Municipalities

Major Industrial, Office and Mineral Extraction Areas

Transportation Facilities

Transportation Plan

Estimated Annual Average Daily Traffic for Major Highways in the Lehigh Valley

Public Sewer Service Areas

Community Water Supply Service

Important Natural Areas

Lehigh Valley Greenways Plan

Woodlands and Major Streams

School Districts Lehigh and Northampton Counties


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