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Historical Aerial Photo Review Information


The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission has historical aerial photos available for viewing. The aerial photos are in hard copy format and are available for the following years: Lehigh and Northampton Counties—1964, 1971, 1974, 1981; Northampton County—1986; and Lehigh County—1988. We do not make copies of the hard copy aerial photos, but you may use a digital camera to photograph the photo.


To view the aerial photos, please contact Teresa Mackey to make an appointment by phone (610-264-4544), or email: tmackey@lvpc.org.


If at all possible, please notify us at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time you are requesting. Whether you call or fax, you will need to provide us the parcel ID information (PIN for Lehigh County or Map-Block-Lot for Northampton County), the

municipality, and the county. If you do not have the parcel ID, please provide an address and some other supplemental

information (e.g., owner name, parcel size, or nearest cross street) to help in pinpointing the subject parcel. The cost

for the review is as follows and is payable with cash or check (payable to LVPC):


     1 or 2 sites $25, plus 6% sales tax

     3 or 4 sites $50, plus 6% sales tax

     5 or more $50 + $10 for each site over 4, plus 6% sales tax


Digital Aerial Imagery


Digital aerial imagery is available for download through the Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA) website.  The "Pennsylvania Imagery Navigator"  provides online access to aerial imagery and raster data.


PASDA Online Mapping Page


PASDA Imagery Navigator


Penn Pilot: Historic Aerial Photos of Pennsylvania


Aerial Imagery

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