2016 Lehigh Valley Awards

Open Space Project Winner


Moore Township Farmland

Preservation Initiative

Moore Township




• Keystone Consulting Engineers, Inc.

• Moore Township

• Moore Township Environmental Advisory Board

• Moore Township Land Preservation Board

• Northampton County

• Wildlands Conservancy


 Since establishing its Farmland Preservation Initiative in 1994, Moore Township has preserved over 2,066 acres of agricultural land within the municipality. The Initiative has ensured safe environments for the wildlife that inhabits the area, supported farming viability and employment, and encouraged local food production. Open space and farmland preservation has also helped Moore Township in limiting the need for additional services (and associated tax increases to pay for them) due to increased residential development. In 2005, the municipality began working with the Northampton County Farmland Preservation program to form a farmland preservation partnership, which came to fruition in September of 2010. Through individual and collaborative efforts like these, Moore Township has consistently demonstrated diligence and foresight in conserving agricultural land and open space.


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