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Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program (TASA)

  • Previous Awards through TAP (Transportation Alternatives Program)

    $1.27 million in Community Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects Awarded




    The Lehigh Valley Transportation Study (LVTS) on Wednesday, April 6, 2016 awarded the investment of $1.27 million in support of innovative regional and local Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) projects. Twenty-three (23) municipal application requests competed for an award with the collective ask totaling more than $9 million.


    TAP projects build pedestrian and bicycle facilities, improve access to public transportation, create safe routes to school, preserve historic transportation structures, provide environmental mitigation, create trails projects that serve a transportation purpose, while promoting safety and mobility. Eligible project sponsors include local governments, regional transportation authorities, transit agencies, natural resource or public land agencies, school districts, and tribal governments.


    Eligible TAP projects include:

    • Bicycle or pedestrian facilities,
    • Conversion of abandoned railway corridors to trails,
    • Construction of overlooks and viewing areas,
    • Historic preservation and rehabilitation of historic transportation facilities,
    • Archaeological activities, and
    • Bicycle and pedestrian education.


    Since the 1990s, over $20 million has been awarded locally to more than 50 TAP projects.


    “Investing in our local transportation infrastructure enhances transportation and recreation options for all users of non-motorized modes of travel, improves air quality, and promotes connectivity of paths and trails” states Becky Bradley, LVPC Executive Director. The following projects were awarded funding:


    Bike Education Project:City of Allentown + Community Bike Works$150,000  Category:Bicycle + Pedestrian Education

    Community Bike Works is a non-profit organization that offers a three-point approach to bicycle education. This begins with bicycle safety assemblies where students learn about helmet use, hand signals, and rules of the road. The second approach is the ‘Earn a Bike’ program where students learn bike mechanics and safety over a 12-week period. Finally, students are encouraged to participate in regular guided bike rides on Lehigh Valley trails.


    This request includes a minimum of 12 assemblies reaching out to an estimated 1,200 students along with scheduled weekend and summer riding events.


    Jordan Creek Greenway + Trail Project:South Whitehall TownshipAwarded: $292,366State Funding Recommendation: $257,634Category:Bicycle + Pedestrian Facilities

    The Jordan Creek Greenway & Trail is a 13-mile system that physically and ecologically connects the City of Allentown to several Lehigh County parks and recreation areas. The trail system passes through seven Lehigh Valley Townships, offers an array of recreational and educational opportunities, and will eventually provide a key connection to the Appalachian Trail along the Blue Mountain Ridge. The project has been developing over the course of several years under the direction and influence of a multi-municipal consortium.


    This TAP award assures a significant gap in the current network is filled and includes mobilization, demolition, trail construction, riparian buffer plantings, rain gardens, erosion and sediment control facilities, and construction of a 170’ boardwalk. (Sections 48 and 49 awarded. Section 50 recommended for State funding.)


    Front Street Safety + Connectivity Project:Catasauqua Borough$292,126  Category:Bicycle + Pedestrian Facilities

    Front Street in Catasauqua serves as the Borough’s primary commercial and mixed-use corridor and it currently lacks appropriate bicycle and pedestrian amenities and facilities. The Borough has recently completed an extensive public engagement planning process to enhance this corridor including suggestions for roadway conversions and corridor improvements. The planning effort also recognizes the pending redevelopment of the ‘Iron Works’ site and the significant economic impact it will have on this corridor. This TAP request serves to improve safety and enhance mobility through the installation of street trees, bicycle racks, pedestrian scale signage, street benches, sidewalk, and decorative lighting.


    This request further constitutes a shovel-ready project that will leverage private economic development investment and upgrade the intersection at Front Street and Bridge Street with crosswalks, bump-outs, and ADA curb ramps.


    Broadway + Delaware Avenue Pedestrian Improvements Project:Fountain Hill Borough$59,950 Category:Bicycle + Pedestrian Facilities

    Broadway is a heavily traveled roadway that runs through the center of the Borough and separates many local destinations from adjacent neighborhoods. Residents and school children are forced to cross this road on a daily basis to access parks, churches, and elementary school facilities. While the Borough employs a crossing guard during school hours, current pedestrian crossing facilities are woefully inadequate from a safety standpoint. Accordingly, this grant award serves to improve the crossing at Broadway and Delaware Avenue through the installation of pedestrian crossing signals with LED lighting and count down timers. Additional concrete and sidewalk work will also occur.


    This request constitutes a shovel ready Safe Routes To School (SRTS) project that improves bicycle and pedestrian safety.


    Two Rivers Trail Gap: Northampton County, Bushkill Township + Plainfield Township$420,562 Category:Bicycle + Pedestrian Facilities

    The Two Rivers Greenways Plan lays the framework for a number of environmental initiatives located throughout the Bushkill Creek watershed including the Two Rivers Trail system. This trail serves as a key link for accessing recreational opportunities along and between greenways and further complements an education center that has been built at Jacobsburg Park. This TAP grant award will help the County and Township close a key high priority gap in the system and also fund safety enhancements along the main stem of the 9/11 National Memorial Trail.


    The proposal is project ready as a majority of the trail lies within PennDOT owned right-of-way. Completion of the project will offer additional recreational, transportation and educational opportunities.


    Bike Path Crossing Safety Improvements:Palmer Township$56,630  Category:Bicycle + Pedestrian Facilities

    Palmer Township currently maintains more than 7.8 miles of trail and there are 8 at-grade locations where bicycles and pedestrians must cross heavily traveled state roads. Many of these crossing locations were developed at different times and with different design considerations. Accordingly, the Township will utilize the grant award to upgrade these 8 crossings to current safety standards as articulated in a Shared Use Path Crossing Agreement. In addition, this project will serve to mitigate traffic impacts as several of these crossings lie within or in close proximity to a recognized congested corridor on 25th Street and a high crash corridor on William Penn Highway.


    This proposal is project ready and includes gated bollards, signage and roadway marking improvements.


    Pedestrian Streetscape Project:Macungie Borough$542,288 State Funding RecommendationCategory:Bicycle + Pedestrian Facilities

    Macungie Borough has developed and is implementing a Walkability & Streetscape Plan that includes an emphasis on traffic calming and aesthetic enhancements for their Main Street (State Route 100). A past TAP award was granted to the Borough to assist with the implementation of crosswalks and bump outs, which are scheduled to go to construction this spring. This request supplements the past award and includes additional traffic calming techniques in the form of a center median island, ornamental pedestrian street lighting, street trees, and paver strips.


    This request constitutes a shovel-ready project that improves bicycle and pedestrian safety resulting from increased traffic volumes and speed.


    Please direct program questions to George Kinney, AICP, Director of Transportation Planning at gkinney@lvpc.org or Michael Donchez, Senior Transportation Planner at mdonchez@lvpc.org; telephone 610-264-4544.


    2014 Transportation Alternatives (TAP) Awards


    1. Manassas Guth Historic Covered Bridge (Lehigh Co.) - $360,000

    2. Community Bike Works Youth Bike Education (City of Allentown) – $74,000

    3. Victory Park Sidewalk Project (Slatington) - $45,430

    4. Safe Routes to School Safety Project (City of Allentown) - $125,000

    5. Main Street Curb Extensions and Crosswalks (Macungie Borough) - $347,200

    6. Sitgreaves Pedestrian Alley Conversion (City of Easton) - $43,400

    7. Bicycle Education for Children K-8 (City of Easton) - $166,160

    8. City of Bethlehem Pedestrian Improvements (portion of South 4th Street section only) - $100,000.

    9. Regional Expansion of the Shared Lane Markings Network (City of Bethlehem) - $65,500.


The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (LVPC) and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) invite you as a potential applicant to participate in two informational presentations on the Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program (TASA). The local and statewide TASA programs are run simultaneously, and projects that are not selected for the Lehigh Valley TASA funds may be recommended for statewide funds.


TASA funds are Federal highway and transit funds, allocated to the LVPC and PennDOT, under the Surface Transportation Program for community-based projects designed to strengthen the cultural, aesthetic and environmental aspects of the nation's intermodal transportation system. The TASA Program provides funds to support bicycle and pedestrian education and projects, conversion of abandoned railway corridors to trails, construct overlooks and viewing areas, preserve and rehabilitate historic transportation structures, improve environmental conditions and ensure safe routes to schools.


Statewide Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program Webinar

July 13, 2017 at 1:00 pm

(Click here for access details in Appendix G of the Program Guidance document)




TASA Informational Meeting Presentation


Statewide TASA Program Guidance and Procedures


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