Lehigh Valley Planning Commission





Listed below is the professional staff of the LVPC. The mailing address, phone number, fax number and general e-mail

address are located at the bottom of this page. Please click on a staff member's name for that person's e-mail address.

Becky A. Bradley, AICP Executive Director Bruce Rider Director of Administration Geoffrey A. Reese, PE Director of Environmental Planning George G. Kinney, AICP Director of Transportation Amanda L. Raudenbush, AICP Director of Community Planning Matt Assad Managing Editor Tracy L. Oscavich Associate Director of Development David E. Manhardt, AICP Planning Consultant Justin Barclay Senior GIS Planner Michael S. Donchez Senior Transportation Planner Susan L. Rockwell Senior Environmental Planner Teresa Mackey Senior Environmental Planner John von Kerczek Principal Community Planner Jill Seitz Community Planner Whitney Burdge Urban Design Planner Brian Hite Senior Planning Technician Bowen Liu Geospatial and Economic Systems Developer Craig Kackenmeister Graphic Designer / Publication Coordinator Dharam Paul Nohar Accountant Erin Willis Executive Secretary Kevin McGowan Hazard Mitigation Intern

Lehigh Valley Planning Commission

961 Marcon Boulevard - Suite 310

Allentown, PA 18109

Phone: (610) 264-4544

Toll Free: (888) 627-8808

Fax: (610) 264-2616