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The Lehigh Valley Transportation Study (LVTS) has officially established a Freight Advisory Committee. It is the intent of this Committee to promote and develop a functional and efficient regional freight system and advise the LVTS on all goods movement issues including relevant studies and projects. The Committee will consider the movement of freight to and from manufacturing sites, cities/downtown areas, intermodal facilities, warehouses, and utilities, as well as the region's freight transportation network (i.e., highways, railroads, ports, airports, and pipelines). The emphasis on freight movement and logistics is continuing to evolve and the formation of this Committee follows the adoption of the MOVELV: Lehigh Valley Regional Freight Plan and the need to plan for and manage relevant infrastructure. The Lehigh Valley Freight Advisory Committee will meet quarterly and work with the LVTS to maximize the region's goods movement capability by sharing information and technology between public and private freight interests, promoting the region's intermodal capabilities and capacity, and developing and implementing a regional goods movement strategy.






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MOVELV: Lehigh Valley Regional Freight Plan


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