Hazard Mitigation

July 10, 2018 Noon-1:30 p.m.

Lehigh Valley Planning Commission



The popular lunch series where you give us your thoughts on some of the region’s most important issues is going strong in 2018. Each hourlong Planning and Pizza session is held at 12 p.m. at the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission offices, 961 Marcon Boulevard, Suite 310, Allentown PA 18109. Join us for discussion and free pizza.


November 28, 2018

Hazard Mitigation

The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission has partnered with Lehigh and Northampton counties to draft a new plan to help prepare the region for disasters such as floods, hurricanes or even the opioid crisis. The Lehigh Valley Hazard Mitigation Plan is designed to lessen the impact of such events by using a proactive approach of assessing the risk and then identifying actions to create safe, more disaster-resilient communities. The plan is necessary for the region to be eligible for funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


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