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Act 89 Transportation Plan


On November 25, 2013, House Bill 1060 was signed into law, creating Pennsylvania's most comprehensive piece of state transportation legislation in decades. This legislation invests an additional $2.3 billion to $2.4 billion into transportation by the fifth year of the plan. Partial funding for the new transportation package is being derived from the elimination of the flat 12-cent gas tax and modernizing an outdated transportation financing structure through the uncapping of the wholesale, Oil Company Franchise Tax. The act also increased resources for transit and created a dedicated Multimodal Fund (PDF) for non-highway modes' capital needs.


Learn more about the plan in the Transportation Funding Plan Summary (PDF) created when the law was passed. To see projects made possible or in development because of the plan, visit the department's Projects website.


The plan was based on many recommendations from the then Transportation Funding Advisory Commission (PDF). The commission's recommendations are outlined in a Final Report (PDF) and the department has implemented many of the recommendations.


In 2017, the department kicked off its Road Maintenance and Preservation (Road MaP) program (PDF), which will invest $2.1 billion in maintenance and highway and bridge capital projects over the next 10 years. Of the investments, $1 billion will go to roadway maintenance and $1.1 billion will go to highway and bridge capital projects. Of the capital projects, $500 million will be allocated to an Interstate preservation and reconstruction program, bringing that total program, begun in 2016, to $1 billion over the next 10 years. Another $600 million will go toward rehabilitation and reconstruction needs identified through the department's district and regional planning efforts.


The program is possible due to legislative action in 2016 that caps the expenditures from the Motor License Fund going toward the State Police budget beginning with the 2018-19 budget and concluding with the 2027-28 budget.


Decade of Investment


Pennsylvania is home to the nation’s fifth-largest state-maintained roadway network, the fourth-highest number of interstate miles and has the sixth-highest number of registered vehicles. Transportation is the backbone of our economy and investing in this vast system is essential to safely moving goods and people through our state.


Following decades of underinvestment in our infrastructure, Governor Tom Corbett has proposed a plan that would inject nearly $2 billion of additional funding into Pennsylvania’s transportation system. The plan would sustainably increase public safety, drive commerce and create jobs while ensuring reliable funding without leaving the bill to future generations.


Designed to move Pennsylvania’s transportation infrastructure ahead, this plan is built on four core principles:


• The plan follows the recommendations outlined by Governor Corbett’s Transportation Funding Advisory Commission (TFAC).

• The plan focuses on modernizing PennDOT and other transportation entities to ensure that every available user fee penny is spent appropriately and efficiently.

• The plan ensures that the funding solution is a long-term solution.

• The plan includes the recommended and necessary legislation and regulatory changes to complement restructuring.





Bridges with New Weight Restrictions


These maps show state and local bridges that recently have been or will be posted with new weight restrictions in Lehigh County and Northampton County. These new bridge restrictions are intended to slow down the deterioration process and preserve safety while funding for their repairs remains uncertain.


   Lehigh County Bridges with New Weight Restrictions

    Northampton County Bridges with New Weight Restrictions

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