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 BuildLV: Annual Subdivision + Building Activity Report

The LVPC reviews subdivision and land development plans from Lehigh Valley municipalities relative to the policies of the Comprehensive Plan The Lehigh Valley ... 2030.  Since 1972, the subdivision activity report has been updated annually to provide an overview of development activity during the year.


BUILDLV 2018 Semi-Annual Update


July 2018 Presentation



The growth in new warehouse projects, rapid expansion of e-commerce and a housing market dominated by new apartment complexes have placed the Lehigh Valley at an important crossroads. That is the picture painted by the BUILDLV 2017 report through the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission’s analysis of subdivision and land development plans.


September 2017 BUILDLV Report PDF



September 2016 BUILDLV Report PDF

May 2015 BUILDLV Report PDF

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